Squeaky clean…

In an effort to produce less waste, I think the key will be to look at what we are buying.

I always feel bad throwing away packaging that cannot be recycled, and this often seems to be the case with toiletries and cleaning products…


SO… I am going to have a crack at making some of my own.

I broached the subject with hubby at some point last year, and he rolled his eyes, looked at me like I was mad, and has clearly been hoping I would forget all about it.

But I haven’t!

In fact, I have been ‘pinning’ recipes and ideas on a couple of Pinterest boards, and sneakily bought a few ingredients when I got the things to make Bath Bombs at Christmas.. 🙂

I have an Eco household hints and tips board on Pinterest, and a DIY beauty board (that is looking a little empty at the moment). I will be adding to these regularly, and then trying some of them out to see if they actually work.

What do you think, is this a step too far? Or a thrifty, sensible, planet saving thing to do..?

keep calm

Newsflash update: I have just heard from Emma at Wiltshire Wildlife that there will be an event in Wiltshire during the Slim your Bin Campaign  (you can read my post all about it here) making household cleaners and toiletries-yours truly will hopefully be there helping out (so I’d better get testing some recipes out…)-stay tuned!!

Another update! Having such a great response to this, and lots of people telling me they make their own. If you have any tried and tested recipes, can you e-mail them to me (jen_mmdmay@yahoo.co.uk) or post them in the comments section, and I will amalgamate them into a post!

19 thoughts on “Squeaky clean…

  1. This is not a step too far at all – its a great idea. A good way to reduce waste and good reduce all the nasty chemicals we cover our homes and ourselves in!

  2. Brilliant Idea! I also love making my own and have been making my own deoderant for quite afew years now! I haven’t used deo with aluminium for years and found that finding a good one has been a bit of a challenge! Look forward to following your progress!

  3. You may not know that I have a diploma in Herbal Medicine, so this is an area that is quite close to my heart. I also have a real be in my bonnet about the chemiclas and other crap that go into most of the products that use (I really hate the fact that Listerine mouthwash has SLS (which is used to make soap and shampoo foam) in it – er why for goodness sake!!!! I also hate parabens with a passion.

    Anyway, Ive been making lots of my own cleaning products and toiletries for a while, the ones I do buy I check the ingredients before hand . Unfortunatley this does mean that when I get smellies for Xmas, I usually end up ‘regifting’ them as I wont use them.

    The best bok (by far) that I have found (in a charity shop – and I found one on Amazon for a friend) is The Readers Digest – HInts And Tips From Times Past.
    Its broken down into sections – Natural Health, Beauty Treatments, Around The House, Kitchen Secrets, In The Garden and Fact File and its the first book I turn to when I need a remedy or cleaning tip. The receipies are easy to follow and Ive had great results with the lip balm, face toner, hand creams and toothpaste. Its got a list of ingredients and where to get them in the back – if you havent got a local herbalist you can usually get the stuff through ebay.

    Best of luck with this, its worth sticking with, and if you need any help let me know.

  4. I think this is a great idea and so apt for me as I’ve been pondering over doing the same thing. Other than being an avid user of vinegar for my house cleaning, I’ve never made my own products. Look forward to seeing how you get on!

    • Oh great Lesley. I have seen things for making liquid hand soap by grating a bar of soap-am going to give this a try as soon as I have an empty bottle to put it in!

  5. Definitely worth having a go at making some of your own toiletries! I use the recipes from the Down to Earth blog for washing powder but there’s simple recipes for all kinds on there


    I wrote a bit about making my own toiletries here too


    (Just found you and off to trundle through your archives!)

    Jenni x

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