Twelfth Night-Recycling your Christmas…

Well then chaps, here it is, Twelfth Night: only the toffees are left in the Quality Street tin,

Just to prove it..!

Just to prove it..!

and Christmas is well and truly over.

Superstition has it that it is unlucky to leave your Christmas decorations up beyond Twelfth Night, so if they aren’t already down, then they need to be by midnight tonight (can’t say I didn’t warn you…)

In case you missed it, (not sure how any could have, I banged on about it so much..) this is my post about our Make Do and Mend Christmas decorations, including, the by now world famous (!) egg box tree

Egg box91

We did debate the merits of trying to keep the tree intact and using it again next year, but I think it has served it’s purpose and would not be quite so much fun as a novelty tree next year, so we decided to dismantle the tree and recycle the egg boxes.

Egg tree bin1

We already have grand plans for the 2013 Christmas tree anyway..!

If you didn’t make an egg box tree…then here are some great re-use ideas for your real tree, via Garden Therapy.

I think these Wood Slice flowers from Ashbee Designs are my favourite


If none of that appeals, or all seems a bit too much like hard work post Christmas, then you can check out your local facilities for recycling your tree at Recycle Now.

I’m not sure the bauble wreath will go again next year….

Some of the baubles evidently didn't like being outside..!

Some of the baubles evidently didn’t like being outside..!

But I will keep all the baubles, and might have a go at this with the more ‘distressed’ ones for next year…

I'm sorry but I can't find who to credit this photo to-if it's yours, let me know!

I’m sorry but I can’t find who to credit this photo to-if it’s yours, let me know!

The ‘homemade tinsel’ has been carefully wrapped around an old Christmas card in what I suspect may be a vain attempt to keep it tangle free for next year-I will let you know if it works…

homemade tinsel1

And then there are the cards….

We have, as I’m sure lots of you do, cut off the fronts of the nicer ones, to use as gift tags for next year, and might even try and make some cards next year too (luckily this year, we had loads of cards left over from previous years, so didn’t have to buy OR make any-hurrah!)

But I also fancy making some of these a la Martha Stewart

card baubles

And all those that can’t be re-used can of course be recycled-this page here on Waste Connect, tells you where you can take your cards to-it seems that most of the major supermarkets are running some kind of scheme, so just don’t forget to take them with you next time you go shopping!

As I mentioned Quality Street tins (other chocolates are available in large tins…) at the beginning of the post, I should point out that these can also be recycled, along with biscuit tins, in your usual household recycling collection (at least they are in Wiltshire..!) Emma Croft from Wiltshire Wildlife and I have however come up with a fiendishly cunning re-use for them and are running a workshop at the beginning of March as part of the Wiltshire Waste Watchers campaign (you can read my post all about it here)-so if you want to, hang on to your lids for now, and stay tuned…(ooh the excitement and suspense is almost unbearable I know…)

Quality St1

Anyone doing anything else to recycle their Christmas? Would love to hear about it-leave a comment below 🙂

9 thoughts on “Twelfth Night-Recycling your Christmas…

  1. Happy New Year! I wanted to send you pics of my home made xmas tree made from twigs and wreath from holly and ivy, took minutes to make but no upload button! Anyway, egg boxe xmas tree, ingenious. I pick up stuff all the time to remake into something else, at the moment trying to find the magazine that gave me an idea for recycling a wallpaper book as thought ‘that looks great’ now have forgotton what it was!

  2. Well done you for making your own Christmas!

    In my new house we have ivy, fir AND holly, so I made my own wreath. Have never done anything like that before, so was very pleased with the result!

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