Lazy soup…

It was a Sunday post-Christmas. It was cold. And raining. And lunchtime. And BigSmall announced he wanted soup for lunch.

A quick scout of the fridge revealed a surfiet of bread sauce still waiting to be eaten, but not much in the way of soup making ingredients. The veg basket was similarly bare.

So in desperation, I turned to the freezer, and triumphantly emerged with this:

Stew pack of veg that has been sat at the bottom of the freezer for some time...

Stew pack of veg that has been sat at the bottom of the freezer for some time…

It’s hard to make out in the photo, but the best before date is June 2012 (shhhhh, don’t tell the food police). I’ll let you know if we survive..

lazy soup31

I blitzed it in the microwave for a minute or two, until it was defrosted enough to break up into about 3 large chunks, then plonked them in a big saucepan with some melted butter, and clamped the lid on. I sweated/defrosted the veg over a low heat for 5-10mins, and then added about 6-700mls of hot veg stock and boiled for another 5-10mins.

Then I whizzed it all up with a stick blender, stirred in some black pepper (I tend not to add salt I think powdered stock can be quite salty) and the last of the Christmas cream.

lazy soup1

Done! Homemade winter veg soup with no chopping-just what the doctor ordered on yet another rainy day.

7 thoughts on “Lazy soup…

  1. Lovely! I particularly liked the “vog” and “beg” references which did make me smile this morning. I’m sure I have a similar bag lurking in my freezer and now I have inspiration!!

  2. Now thats what I call a brilliant idea! its also solved my what on earth do I do with the old frozen veg pack in the bottom of my freezzer issue I have today 🙂 I really love your blog its great.

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