Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to resolve to do better, do more, be better…

My Make Do and Mend Year was not one of last year’s resolutions, (in fact, I don’t think I made any, or if I did I have forgotten what they were) but I am soooo glad I am doing it, and it has already changed and enriched our  lives in so many ways, so who knows what will have happened by this time next year!

Anyway, for 2013, I have grand plans and aspirations. I will list some of them here. Please bear in mind that if I do all of this, I may explode,


but it is good to aim high. Isn’t it..?

  • Continue making, making do, mending, thrifting, re-loving…and BUYING NOTHING NEW!
  • Look carefully at the amount of rubbish we produce and try to reduce it (more on this to follow!)


  • Start up a ‘hip and happening’ W.I
  • Run some upcycling workshops
  • Put on some kind of event for the Dress a Girl Around World Project-current thoughts are to try and get the local secondary school involved but I have no idea if they even have sewing machines-need to do some research!

Sew a Dress61

  • Hold a Make Do and Mend Market-with stalls selling upcycled goodies, some vintage bits and pieces, a ‘give and take’ table, people on hand to offer advice on mending (clothes/bikes etc), some drop in crafting sessions, a book swap
  • Have a Swish!
  • Inspired by A year without supermarkets, I want to try and shop more locally. I am not sure we can commit to avoiding the supermarket for a whole year, but I think we could aim for doing a supermarket free month at some point in the year (someone needs to make sure they hold me to this!)
  • I have loads of other ideas: upcycle exchange; pop up shops/crafting sessions; a craft cafe type thing; artisan markets in my local town; a book… but first of all I may need to invent a way of having more hours in the day, or being in several places at once…!

This may well be crazily over-ambitious, and if I acheive even half of it, as well as all the non Make Do and Mend stuff that is also happening in my life, then I think I will have done well.

The proof of the pudding will be this time next year, when I can look back, and see what has or hasn’t been acheived. And it’s all in black and white, so will be no escaping…!

So come on then, what are you aims and aspirations (dare we call them resolutions,  or does that doom them to failure..?!) for 2013-would love to hear them, and also feel free to comment on any of my crazy plans…!

12 thoughts on “Resolving…

  1. Wow, that’s a fine list but with a little help I think it is achievable!

    Here if you need any help, advice, a moan, pat on the back or a shove in the right direction 😉

    My resolutions are to ‘look on the bright side’ and ‘be more grateful’ which I will do alongside my 30by30 as well as trying to join in with the Love what you wear project. Enough I think!

    Happy New Year to you all xxx

    • Thanks so much Catherine-very kind 🙂 Your resolutions sound fantastic. I sometimes need reminding to be more ‘glass half full’ myself, and I think we all need to stop sometimes, and focus on what we have, instead of what we want. Happy New Year to you and your family too. xx

  2. Good luck with the resolutions, there’s certainly a challenge or two ahead for you I’ve no doubt but that’s why they’re called resolutions I guess because they take some resolve.

    I’m still contemplating mine, maybe one should be to be more organised and on time 🙂

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