So what did Santa bring..?

I know you are all desperate to find out exactly what Santa bought me…

Hubby, who is bound by “The Rules” of My Make Do and Mend Year, did very well, and made all of my pressies!

Desk tidy-I think as a subtle hint/vain attempt to get me to keep the study/office/sewing room a bit tidier-nice try, but it will take a lot bit more than that…!

Made entirely from things out of the recycling bin (and a bit of fabric!)

Made entirely from things out of the recycling bin (and a bit of fabric!)

A clock-he stole used some of my fabric and painted the outside of this charity shop clock to match the decor in our bedroom


He and BigSmall made this photo frame-it was hacked off a clock that he picked up from a charity shop and then covered in old stamps from his Grandpa’s collection-I think it is fab (even if the stamps are upside down :))


The rest of the family are slightly bemused by My Make Do and Mend Year, and not bound to keep to “The Rules” but joined in with the spirit nevertheless.

My lovely mum knitted me this gorgeous scarf, despite not having been very well


My brother and his wife bought me some tights, as in my sister in laws words “we couldn’t bear the thought of you buying some secondhand”. Hubby and I did then discuss that we thought tights would indeed be included in the underwear clause, because as hubby delicately pointed out “they have been around someone else’s sweaty crotch”…Nice

And they bought me some slippers too-obvioulsy not that impressed by my homemade attempt (see here if you have no idea what I am on about!)

Mother-in-law played a blinder with this book (which she got secondhand!)


and some wool (from a charity shop) with a laminated photocopy of a pattern for a crocheted cushion cover out of one her magazines! I am itching to get started with this.


Our next door neighbour even joined in, and although she actually gave this book to BigSmall, I think I might appreciate it a bit more!

Vintage Nursery Rhymes book that belonged to my neighbour's Grandfather

Vintage Nursery Rhymes book that belonged to my neighbour’s Grandfather

I did get a few other bits and pieces that were brand new. As I said in my pre-Christmas ‘rant’, I didn’t write a list, as I felt it was rather against the spirit of the year to write a long list of things I wanted and send other people to go out and buy them for me! But I think these bits and pieces were my favourite things!

Lucky me 🙂

5 thoughts on “So what did Santa bring..?

  1. Wow, what fab pressies, they will mean so much moreto you than mass produced tatt (er I mean stuff). Its brilliant that the peeps around you are getting in on the act – you’re obviously having a good influence on them (and long may it continue). :o)

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