A mending moment..

Amongst all the frantic making that has been going on for Christmas (remind me to start in June next year), I had to pause briefly last night for a few ‘running repairs’…

Firstly, the buggy snuggle.

SmallSmall seems to like kicking this off and the zip has ripped:

mending dec 1So, I pinned it all back together, and then had to dig out the zipper foot for my sewing machine. It looks like this, in case you were wondering:

mending dec 21and then sew as close as I could to the zip, keeping the fabric bits out of the way but still stitching it all together-I’m making what should be a simple job sound quite tricky, but it was a bit. In fact, I missed a bit:

mending dec 31To make sure I caught it in, I turned the buggy snuggle over, which did the trick, but it now has a contrasting wobbly line of brown stitches down the side of the zip…

mending dec 41

Apologies for the very blurry photo :/

Second on the list, was BigSmalls jeans. You may remember I patched them previously. Twice.

My very first (and second) attempts at patching small boy’s trousers. You can read about it here and here.

The second repair worked beautifully, and I had a couple of months feeling quite smug UNTIL, he has now worn a hole just above the patch-ggrrrrr! And the other leg still hasn’t got a mark on it-wierd huh?

mending dec 51

I unpicked the original patch-no mean feat given how crazy I had gone with the sewing machine, mending the mend, to make sure it didn’t come off again. I may have managed to inadvertently create a further small hole with my seam unpicker as well-oops.

mending dec 61

Then I cut a really big patch from an old pair of my jeans and bondawebbed it in place (I go into more detail, if you should want it, on the original posts-see above for links!).

mending dec 71

Then came the sewing on part.

At one of the Big Mends I went to, the mending Goddess that is Scrapiana, had shown me a patch where she had sewn backwards and forwards over it in a zig zag style and it looked really effective. So I thought I would give this a go, as it was going to prove very difficult to sew along the perpendicular bits of patch. Scrapiana’s patch was much smaller than this one, and it looked really good. My patch is very large, and it looks a bit of a mess…

mending dec 91

I’m not sure how secure it will be up the side that is not completely stitched, but we’ll give it a go. And the bonus is that BigSmall is pleased and thinks they look “funky”.

He’ll probably grow out of them now in about 2 weeks…

And third on the list, was my jeans. But it got too late, and bed was calling. So we will have to save that excitement for another day.

9 thoughts on “A mending moment..

  1. Great stuff! Yes, good rule of thumb to cover any thin areas next to a hole as well as the hole itself. And your beautiful bright stitching should hold that all together until BigSmall has grown out of them. The best part: nobody else will have any quite like them! 😉

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