Quick and easy Advent idea for your beloved…

Hubby and I have always bought each other Advent Calendars. Maybe we have never quite grown-up…

Last year, I was gently prompted that the Lego City Advent Calendars were really quite cool, and would be the calendar of choice-obvioulsy only so that he and BigSmall could do the lego models together… And I was thoroughly spoiled, with one that contained not only chocolates, but on some days, there were things in there like hug tokens, a cupcake decorating class, and a back massage!! I didn’t need any Christmas pressies after that-top marks Lovely Hubby.

Anyway, this year, my plan was to get the Lego calendar out of the loft, and re-present it. But then I felt a bit mean.

So, at the very last minute (29th November) I struck up on a plan!

I decided to get 24 pictures printed of things that we had done over the last year, place them in envelopes and stamp the dates on the envelopes.


How easy is that!

Mother in law came up trumps (again) with her stash of random empty unused envelopes, so I raided this. Hot-footed it into town to get the photos printed, and boom, job done!

My original idea was to then tie the envelopes onto some bits of twine string across an empty picture frame a bit like this:


but we didn’t have one big enough, and in true last minute style, I had no time to go and find one. So then I decided to put them all in a box, but I couldn’t find one, so in the end I just wrapped the bundle up with some green wool, and I quite like it! It looks like a big heap of good old-fashioned love letters.


So there you have it! Easy peasy. And hopefully a lovely reminder of all the fun things we have done during the year.

And afterwards we can put them all in a frame as a 2012 momento.

Clever me! (Have you guessed that I’m really quite chuffed with this idea.?!)

5 thoughts on “Quick and easy Advent idea for your beloved…

  1. Fabulous Idea, well done you. Have you always been thos resourceful or is it that your make do and mend year is making you think outside the box? Either way you are comming up with some brilliant ideas. :o)

    • Thanks Jo.
      Doing My Make Do and Mend YEar is certainly making me more resourceful. I am really enjoying the challenge, and it is good to have a look at things in a different light. Glad you’re liking the ideas-I’m enjoying sharing them!

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