Christmas Makes-dino hats

Following on from yesterday’s cricket-tastic hat, and continuing the hat theme, today we have Dino hats…!

As I was making the cricket ball hat, it occurred to me that if I turned the hat sideways, (so that the seam was worn up the middle of the forehead) and poked in some spikes and added some eyes, these would make pretty fab Dino hats for the Smalls. So that is what I did!

Obviously I learnt from the mistakes of the cricket hat, and these were just right first time….

Not really. That would be crazy. It took me 3, yes 3, attempts to get a hat that would fit one of the Smalls rather than one of their teddy bears…

If you want to have a go at one of these, you should probably refer back to the Cricket Ball hat post here, for the basics, and some important lessons(!) although I will refer to most of them here I’m sure!

You will need:

  • Fleece-you could do it all in one colour, but I used one colour for the main hat bit, and another colour for the dino spikes. I used some organic fleece from my stash, but if you have an old fleece coat or jumper, or find one in a charity shop, then use this-Make Do and Mend..!!
  • Matching colour threads
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scraps of white and black material for the eyes

This is what you do:

  • Measure your Small person’s head circumference. If they are very Small, you may be lucky enough to get away with doing this without 4,000 ‘why’s. I wasn’t. I kind of blustered a bit and then changed the subject-seemed to work! It is probably worth doing this a couple of times-I did SmallSmall’s twice and got 2 very different measurements-no idea why, or in fact which one was the most accurate. This may explain why it took 3 goes…(Or you could do what I did on the 1st attempt and draw around one of their hats-BUT even though I made this error making the cricket ball hat, I repeated it again, doing this one. IF YOU ARE DRAWING AROUND A WOOLLY KNIT TYPE HAT, REMEMBER THAT IT WILL STRETCH FAR MORE THAN YOUR FLEECE, SO REMEMBER TO MAKE IT QUITE A BIG BIGGER. I have put that in caps more for my own benefit than anyone else’s really.)

  • Also remember to ascertain which direction your fleece is stretchiest, and have this going from side to side on your hat, so that it stretches over heads.
  • Draw a roughly semi-circular shape onto the wrong side of your fleece-make the bottom straight line half the circumference of your Small person’s head, + about 3cm for the seam allowance. So if their head is 52cm round, then make a line 26cm+3cm=29cm. I think I then measured a line up from about the mid-point that was about 3/4 of the head circumference, so again, using 52cm as our circumference, my hat was about 20cm high at it’s highest point.
  • Fold your fleece in half, so that you can cut out both pieces at the same time.
  • Cut out your 2 semi-circles-with this one it is less important that they are perfect semi-circles, and a bit of a cone head is quite a good thing on a dino I think.
  • Put these pieces to one side while you make your spikes.
  • With your contrasting/matching/other coloured fleece folded in half, draw about 5 triangles of varying sizes on your fleece. Bear in mind that they will be quite a bit smaller when they are sewn up than you have drawn them, so go big…For each spike you need two triangles of fleece.

  • For each spike, pin the two triangles wrong sides together and then sew along the two side edges, leaving the bottom open for turning out. Sew with a straight stitch in matching thread, and then turn inside out, poking the point up with a pen or knitting needle.
  • When you have done all 5 spikes, lay them out in size order, but with a bigger one at the front. Like this:

  • Find your hat pieces and lay one of them wrong side down (right side facing you) on the table. Then place your spikes along the edge, but have the points facing IN to the hat. Like this:

  • Lay your second hat piece carefully on top, with right side down (wrong side facing you). Make sure that the edges are carefully lined up with the bottom hat piece and that the bottoms of the spikes are overlapping or poking out a bit.
  • Pin in place

  • Sew around the curve USING A ZIG ZAG STITCH (or a stretch stitch if you have a fancy machine). This will allow the stitches to stretch with the fleece
  • You should have something that looks a bit like this

  • Trim the seam and the pokey out bits of spike
  • Hem the bottom edge (I just did a single hem, as the fleece is quite neat once cut, and I am lazy) again with a ZIG ZAG stitch.
  • Turn right way out, cut out some eyes shapes and sew them on
  • ROAR!!!

“Stunt Mike” the teddy bear, ready for his close up….

..and in profile…

This was attempt number one. It would probably just about fit a newborn. I did a second one, thought I had made it quite a bit bigger, and it was STILL too small. At this point, I decided it would be prudent to measure their heads. Which I did. Attempts 3 and 4 are just about right! I did one in the colours as shown, and one with colours reversed. They are now squirelled away for Christmas. I hope they like them. They’d better like them…!!

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