Darn it…

Following my ‘guest appearance’ on the Mark O’Donnell Show on BBC Radio Wiltshire (I bore everybody about it here) where we somehow ended up talking about darning mushrooms, amongst other things, one of the lovely listeners (Carol from Malmesbury!) very kindly offered me her grandmother’s darning mushroom.

It arrived in the post yesterday, and it is gorgeous!

The photo doesn’t really do it justice-it is very warm looking and makes you want to pick it up and stroke it!!

It was rattling a bit, and Carol had mentioned to me that she thought you could unscrew the top and keep your darning needles in the handle-how clever is that?!

AND there was an unexpected surprise in the box too-some vintage haberdashery!

Just look at the price on the elastic!

Anyone know how much this is in ‘new money’?!

What a lovely parcel to get through the post! It brightened up my very rain-soaked day!

Thankyou so much to Carol-how very kind of her to pass on her family heirloom. I just hope I can do it justice. Now all I need to do is learn to darn…! I will definitely be taking it with me to next weeks Big Mend in Bath, along with some holey socks!

10 thoughts on “Darn it…

  1. Ah, how lovely! I have a small collection of those JayBird darners, in various colours. Yes! By all means come and learn how to darn at this month’s Big Mend in Bath. We’ll be in celebration mode as it’s the last one of the year: next Wednesday 28th November, Museum of Bath at Work, 7-9pm. Think we should stretch to some mulled wine and mince pies too. 🙂

  2. What a lovely present from Carol! How nice she has passed them on to someone who will appreciate them. I’m very envious of the mushroom, especially as it has a “secret” compartment. Don’t you just love surprises like that. Have just found your blog and will be following with interest.

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