Not such a bargain after all…

I’m not really having the best luck with some of my buys at the moment!

You may have read about my broken boots, and now we have broken slippers…! Disaster!

I have been banging on about slippers since the start of My Make Do and Mend Year (warm feet are so important!). I (very selfishly!) made myself a pair of slippers, and I am planning to make the rest of the family a pair each for Christmas (lucky devils..) but in the meantime, the Smalls were getting cold feet, so when I saw these in a charity shop, I snapped them up.

They were just the right size for SmallSmall and in good condition, and only £1.50! Happy Days. Or so I thought.

They quite quickly started falling off. A lot. Accompanied by a very sweet “Uh-oh” from SmallSmall to alert us to the fact.

We established that this was because the velcro had lost it’s stick. Hubby asked if I could add some more velcro, but I was feeling lazy  tired, and wasn’t sure if we had any, and couldn’t be bothered to look wasn’t sure where it would be if we did have some, so I suggested that we use jeans stud poppers instead. A genius move on my behalf, as not only did I know we had some, AND where they were, but as the installing of them involves a hammer, this is clearly a job for the Lovely Hubby!

So, this is what we ended up with

This worked very well for about 24 hours, until this happened

In the words of SmallSmall “Uh-oh”.

The Lovely Hubby is going to attempt to fix this. Not sure how. Will keep you posted.

So not such a great buy after all.

And don’t even get me started on the lining inside….

5 thoughts on “Not such a bargain after all…

  1. I love your blog and as a fellow Wiltshireain (is that a word oh well who cares) makes me laugh even more! Can almost hear the UhOh!

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