You may remember my Great Boot Pursuit. If you missed that particular post, I will precis it for you now. I basically made a big fuss about buying some new boots secondhand from E-bay,

and when I got them, they weren’t that great, but I decided to tough it out and Make Do, in the spirit of My Make Do and Mend Year.


I knew by the feel of the leather and things that they weren’t that great quality but look…


and this is AFTER a visit to the Cobblers to attempt a repair (which lasted less than 24hrs!)

I wouldn’t mind so much if I paid £10 for them, but after postage they were about £35. I am gutted. I have worn them A LOT. But I have only had them for less than two months! Surely I can expect better than this…?

If I had bought them brand new, I would have taken them back, as they are clearly unfit for the purpose. Of walking in them.

But as I got them secondhand from a private seller, I have no right to a refund. This is something that I know Suzy Prince has discussed in her blog Secondhand Safari.

So, I will have one last go at fixing them-a friend suggested copious amounts of superglue…Worth a try!

If that doesn’t work, than I am on the hunt again. Bugger….

14 thoughts on “Bugger….

    • It’s gutting isn’t it? although mine is nowhere near as bad as a £300 computer! It’s also the hassle factor of trying to find another pair. And the worry that it will happen again. Hey ho. Onwards and upwards…!!

      • I used it on a boot that had come away from the sole and it held it in place for another month (then I had to glue it again). Also used it to patch a hole in a trainer. Apparently it’s what skateboarders use on their shoes!

      • Great-thankyou! I have had lots of suggestions ranging from superglue, araldite, to shoe mending glue. Maybe I should conduct some kind of scientific experiment!

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