A very belated Birthday present…

My lovely sister-in-law turned 30 last month. At the start of the month. And we have only just given her her present. Oops!

This is one of the problems I am having with My Make Do and Mend Year. The lack of the instant response to a problem (not that my sister-in-law is a problem, just in case she is reading…)

First I had to come up with an idea. In the past I have rather shot myself in the foot by making her a bag and an apron, so felt I couldn’t really repeat these options. I have also made them cushions before as a house warming. I wasn’t really sure she would want bunting with her name on it, or beanbags, so I was a little stumped.

But Pinterest came to the rescue! (I have a very mild addiction to Pinterest. So mild, that I have joined in the #Pinaddicts Challenge)

This is what I wanted to make

So the first task was to find a bottle of wine that a) was green glass; b) had a cork top-not easy-most of them seem to be screw top nowadays and c) looked vaguely drinkable

Then I had to drink the wine-tough job.

This was a joint project with the lovely hubby. In that I had the idea, and drank the wine, and then he did the rest….

So the lovely hubby attempted to drill a hole in the wine bottle. He was struggling a bit until I told him that I had read somewhere (Pinterest probably) to use masking tape over the area you want to drill your hole, to give the drill bit some grip. Then it seemed to go ok. Until he got back indoors and tried to feed the wire through, and the hole was about 1mm too small. Cue much cursing.

Poor hubby went back out into the cold dark night to the garage, and tried to enlarge the hole, whereupon the bottle cracked. Bugger.

So I had to find another bottle of wine, and drink that. Oh, the hardships…

Attempt number two was much more successful. We had a bottle with a hole in the bottom the right size-hurrah!

At this point, I soaked the bottle to get the labels off (I obviously wasn’t going to waste my time doing this only for the lovely hubby to break it again..!) and then we put it in the dishwasher to give it a good clean.

I decided to try and ‘tastefully’ etch some 30’s around the bottom of the bottle, which didn’t come out that well, but hey, it’s homemade. And unique. Right?

Then the lovley hubby cut then plug off our spare set of Christmas lights, and fed the wire through the hole at the bottom, and rammed all the lights in. I say rammed, as the set was a 50 light one, and I think it would have looked better with fewer lights, but this was inevitably being done the evening before we were seeing my sister in law and it was already 5 weeks late, so we didn’t even try cutting the set down!

Then hubby re-wired the plug (he is so useful) and put some Sugru in the hole as he was worried that the wire moving around would cause the glass to break. Not sure if it would, but he knows more about these things than me, so I didn’t argue)

This is the end result

You can kind of see the etching here

Happy Birthday Katie!

Sorry it was late.

20 thoughts on “A very belated Birthday present…

  1. What an interesting idea! Now you know how to do it, you can make more as Christmas gifts. But are you prepared to drink all that wine…? 😉

    Your hubby has done a very good job drilling that hole. Did he use a special drill bit?

    • Prepared to make the sacrifice and drink the wine, but not sure we have that many sets of fairy lights!
      I will double check with hubby but I’m sure he said he used a drill bit for ceramic tiles. We didn’t have a proper diamond tipped drill bit which I think you are supposed to use.
      Looking forwards to The Big Mend!

  2. This is brilliant. I reckon they would also look nice using coloured lights and a clear bottle. Well done you (glad you werent too sloshed from drinking all the wine to put it together) :o)

    • OOo yes, might try that if I can get hold of some coloured lights. In my extensive wine bottle research, it did seem that there were a lot of clear bottles…;)

  3. Was looking out for a new lamp for my lounge and wanted something unique but couldn’t find anything I liked…..this could be the answer! And what a great time of year to do it when the shops are full of lights!


  4. Hey, I’m doing exactly the same thing at the moment. Have managed to drill a hole but haven’t ordered the lights. How big does the hole have to be to fit led lights in, do you think? I’m struggling to get it much bigger, the drill bit keeps sticking.

    • Maybe wait until you have your lights and then you can eyeball whether or not they will fit, or try them and see. If you need it to go bigger, then be careful! Hubby managed to smash a bottle trying to get the hole bigger. Maybe have another bottle in reserve…

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