I have found Make Do and Mend Heaven….

….at the Wiltshire Scrapstore!!

We went this week, to a  Make and Play session for the Smalls. I wasn’t sure what to expect really, but it was AMAZING!!!

The premiss is so simple, and so awesome. They go around to local businesses collecting their ‘scrap’ that would otherwise be sent to land-fill,and come up with ingenious ways to use it for small (and big) people to craft with. It is in a unit on a very small little industrial estate (not sure you can really call it that, there are about 5 units maximum, and it is out in the sticks, so not your typical industrial estate!) on the outskirts of Lacock in Wiltshire, and it is crammed to the rafters with all sorts of amazing things. Some of the things, I could never think of a use for, but the things that they come up with for the Small people to make are inspirational!

The theme for this week for the Smalls was ‘Spooky” and this is what we made…

And a bat!

A spider’s web, complete with ‘flies’

A cat mask-artfully modelled by BigSmall!



This is what we had to make things out of-you have to try and guess what they were all used for in their former lives (and don’t ask me, I have no idea!)

The Smalls loved it, even SmallSmall. He didn’t really make anything, but as least he didn’t break anything either…

So we are going back again next week!

But I really wanted to tell everyone about it as a resource for materials crafting with kids, playgroups, pre-schools, school groups, and even for Big people who craft. They have rolls of fabric, and yarn, and threads and elastic. As well as all the stuff for kids that needs a bit more imagination.

It is just the most fantastic concept. I am so inspired by it. It is all stuff that would otherwise have been thrown away, (it is so true, that one person’s trash is another’s treasure) so it’s a win-win-the businesses get to off-load their waste for free (and get a nice warm glow as well) and we get cheap crafty bits, adn a chance to flex the imagination and stretch our creativity!  (and a nice warm glow knowing we are doing our bit to help reduce waste).

If you aren’t in or around Wiltshire, then do search online, as it seems like most counties have something similar. Do go and visit your if you have one. I am never buying crafty things from anywhere else again!

5 thoughts on “I have found Make Do and Mend Heaven….

  1. Glad you loved it, I nearly messaged you to tell you about the scrap store as I take my girls there and it is indeed heaven! I have bought some of their £5 scrap boxes for birthday presents and they have been well received!

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