The Big Christmas Plan…

Christmas is coming.

You may have noticed.

People seem to have great delight in giving you an update on just how many days there are left until Christmas. This is usually fine. But this year, the year of our Make Do and Mend Christmas, Christmas is going to involve even more work than normal. And I am starting to panic…

So I need a plan.

I really need a spreadsheet, but spreadsheets scare me, and I don’t know how to make one (cue shocked gasps..!) so I’m going with a table.

It will have the following headings:

  • Person’s name
  • Intended present
  • Items needed to make said present
  • And a box to put a big tick when the present is made

My list at the moment stretches to ten people, including the Smalls and the lovely hubby.

I’ve made a rough list of what I want to make for everyone, and at the last count, there were at least 12 presents for me to make, and at least 6 for the lovely hubby to make.

There are apparently 7 weeks left until the Big Day. So I basically need to make 2 presents a week, to leave me a bit of wriggle room.

And the usual Christmas puddings, Christmas cake, Christmas chutney, mincemeat, mince pies….

Better get cracking then

4 thoughts on “The Big Christmas Plan…

  1. Dont panic honey, you’ll do fine. If I can work 40 hours a week, do all the housework and cooking and churn out 20+ pressies a year, anyone can do it! Youve made a good start by doing your list. If you can try and make multiple gifts (so sisters and friends get the same thing but possibly in differnt colours) as its much easier (and quicker) to make several of something rather than one offs. Get Mr Make Do and Mend involved as well. Just take one step at a time. :o)

  2. Im still dithering – really must get a move on. Ive got some plans for a few small baskets (Posted ages ago on my blog that I wouldnt be making them, but am slowly chaning my mind) and have got the usual sweets to mak (but have to leave them as late as possible). There might also be some beauty products in the running this year as well. :o)

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