The Big Mend

Quite early in my ‘journey’ I met a lovely lady called Scrapiana on Facebook. She is not really called Scrapiana, but that is her interweb alter-ego, so I’m sticking with it (she is also the first to admit that her real name is kind of hard to pronounce!)

Scrapiana has a fab blog, here, and also runs The Big Mend, once a month in Bath. Scrapiana describes it much better than I could: “The idea is to attack the mending pile in a convivial atmosphere, with mending advice and tips, necessary tools on hand, and the option of a nice cup of tea. And cakes.”

What’s not to like?!

I have been trying for ages to carve out the time to go, and I finally made it! Yay!

The Big Mend is held every month on the last Wednesday of the month, in Bath at the Museum of Bath at Work. (I have, to my shame, never been to the Museum of Bath at Work, but it looks pretty cool, so I may well be going back with the Smalls one day soon.) And did I mention that this is a FREE event? (all that is asked for is a small donation towards the running costs of the museum)

It was cold. And dark. And raining. And Halloween. So I had to really force myself out of the nice, warm, light, dry house, and into the dark night, to venture into hitherto unexplored areas of Bath.

But I’m so glad I did.

Scrapiana is lovely. So helpful, and unintimidating (I am quite easily intimidated) and so full of enthusiasm for all things mending and sewing and cake.

There were only four of us all together, but as I said, it was not the nicest of nights to be out, and it is usually busier. It was lovely to meet like minded people, including an inspirational lady who has not bought ANY clothes for the last year (not even secondhand), and is planning to carry it on for another year.., and sit and have a natter and get some help with some of my mending dilemmas.

I took with me the coat that I bought recently at the Bristol Vintage Fair (see blog post here)

The zip was broken, so I had bargained the price down to £5 and was very pleased with my thrifty find, until I realised I had no idea how to replace a zip in a coat… And had no zip to replace it with…

Scrapiana to the rescue! She had very kindly tweeted me to find out what size and colour zip I needed, and had raided her own stash for me, AND found a chapter in one of her many mending books to help us to figure it all out.

In the end, after much reading and head scratching and debating, I unpicked the zip,and then we decided that poppers would be a much better closure method for this coat!

So now I am on the hunt for poppers and decorative buttons for the outside, but I think, all in all, much easier than trying to source and replace the zip (cop out? No!)

If you are in the vague area of Bath, do come along to the next Big Mend (28th November). If Scrapiana has anything to do with it, The Big Mend will be the next Big Thing!

6 thoughts on “The Big Mend

  1. Hi Jen

    I’m not sure where you live but thought you might be fairly local to me. I’m organising a Little Pickles market in Frome on Sunday 25th nov. it’s at the Cheese and Grain. If you haven’t heard of us we organise pre loved baby and children’s clothes and toy sales all over the area.

    I’ve been following your pants and pj’s saga!

    Hayley Morgan 07725 979298

    • Hi Hayley
      I think you have done some in Warminster too? I have been to one of these-fab idea. I think I am working that weekend in November-booo! But i may send hubby along with a list! Thanks for letting me know and thanks for following!

  2. Thanks for the lovely write-up, Jen!

    I’ve rifled through my fasteners and have found some enormous 15mm poppers which I think will do the trick for you. Nothing fancy, but they will keep your coat closed against the winter winds – not quite as well as a functional zipper would have done, but not too bad.

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