BigSmall is, in the way of small boys, growing. Quickly.

He needs some new pants. (underpants, not trousers, in case any Americans are reading and finding this all a bit confusing)

Now I know I said in the ‘Rules’ that we could buy new underwear, because I kind of draw the line at secondhand pants, but I then thought that if we were buying new, I should really try and go for sustainable organic type fabrics.

So I had a look online, at a lovely store that make the most gorgeous organic children’s clothes. And I had a shock…

3 pairs of boy’s pants were £19….

Now, I love this shop, and have bought several items of clothing for the Smalls from them before. And I appreciate the economies of scale, and the fact that organic fabric is more expensive to produce, and that they are a far superior quality to anything from the supermarket, BUT can I really justify £19, (or probably more like £38 as I don’t think we can cope with just 3 pairs of pants…) on pants?!

So now I am in a quandry. I really don’t know what to do. I know I should really suck it up and stand by my principles, and pay up. But I also know that I could go to Sainsburys (other large supermarkets are available) and get 6 pairs for £5, and they would have Thomas the Tank Engine on them (this is a very important feature of pants if you are 4).

I am tempted to try and make some (is this madness..?)

But they most certainly wouldn’t have Thomas on them, and they most certainly now won’t get made until after Christmas.

For now, BigSmall is going to have to carry on wearing his faded old slightly small pants, while I prevaricate… Poor boy!

5 thoughts on “Pants!

  1. I love it!
    When I read your bio on Twitter my first thought was what a brilliant idea! My second thought was…….Pants!!! My whole family is desperate for new pants……I would have had to have rushed out to Target on August 31st to stock up!
    Keep up the good work! X

  2. I have a similar dilema to you with regards to buying ethically sourced clothing – they dont do anything nice for ‘larger’ women.
    Re that pant situation tho, Id suggest as more and more high street stores are becoming more aware, they are starting to use ‘organic’ (Boy, do I hate the way the word has been hi-jacked – but thats another story) cotton in a lot of their clothes. I reckon you might find somewhere like M&S where you can get pants cheaper, might be worth some diggin.
    Good luck.

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