The ‘Love what you wear’ Project

It’s amazing who you meet in cyberspace…!

Having always been a bit of a technophobe, I have been forced to fully embrace social media and some new skills in the course of setting up this blog, and I have to admit, I love it! I am ever so slightly addicted to Twitter (you can follow me and I can bore you rigid, @makeandmendyear), and of course, to Pinterest.

In the course of my tweeting, I have met some lovely people and had lots of support for My Make Do and Mend Year, and it’s great to have some ‘friends’ to hold my hand and help me out when I get stuck!

I recently ‘met’ Morwhenna, of Bags of Love fame, and she is undertaking her very own challenge, called The ‘Love what you wear’ Project.

Basically, not buying new clothes for a whole year (only an idiot would attempt to not buy ANYTHING new for a whole year..).

I have enrolled to join in the fun, as I’m already doing it by default, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. As well as Morwhenna and myself, there are three others (at the last count): the lovely Ginny (another of my new twitter friends) of Sweet Myrtle and Alice and Ginny, who has written real live books, Sew Fabulous Fabric, and Home Sweet Sewn (which I need to get my hands on, secondhand of course!); Catherine who writes the lovely blog For Bella and Will; and Ruth from Yummumummycookingschool, who amongst other things, has taught one of her boys to cook a full Christmas dinner for 8!!

So, if you want to join in, and get some moral and practical support, in not buying any new clothes for a whole year, then hop over to The ‘Love What You Wear ‘Project page, or tweet Morwhenna at @lovewhatyouwear and get involved!

PS. If anyone wants to join me in their very own Make Do and Mend Year, then jump aboard!

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