My Make Do and Mend Birthday

This weekend was a busy one, and saw me celebrate my 30 something birthday!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as with the greatest respect to my lovely hubby, I am generally the ‘maker’. He is most excellent at fixing, and making do, but doesn’t very often venture in to making. But I needn’t have worried!

He came up trumps with my early present of my amazing day learning to make bread at River Cottage (I bang on about it endlessly here). He really could have just left it there. It was such a fab pressie. He had clubbed together with my parents and his mum to pay for it, so I wasn’t really expecting much else. But it turned into more a birthday weekend, and here is what we did:

On the Saturday, I managed to escape for a few hours on good behaviour and had a lovely mooch around The Bristol Vintage Fair,

you can read all about here if you are so inclined.

Then we had THE BEST ever fish and chips from The Scallop Shell, at Beckington Farm Shop (rumour has it, the Beckhams have eaten here…). You know when you really fancy fish and chips, but it’s always a bit disappointing? Well this wasn’t at all. Divine!

Then we headed off to the extravaganza that is Warminster Carnival.

More to follow on this..!

After we got the Smalls in bed, the very lovely hubby announced that he had made chocolate truffles! He did then ruin the effect somewhat when he dumped two in front of me with the immortal words “sorry, my balls might be a bit sweaty”…

I know these might look like little balls of poo, but they are actually HOMEMADE peanut butter chocolate truffles-yum!

On Sunday morning I was greeted bright and early by the Smalls and denied the beneift of the extra hour in bed from the clock’s changing, but we had had an unbroken night’s sleep for the first time in a while, so thankyou SmallSmall!

BigSmall and hubby had made me a lovely card, featuring a map of our recent excursion to Scotland, complete with pictures. It is so lovely, and I’m going to put it in a frame to go on the wall.

Then hubby was very pleased to announce that he had made me a present “just using stuff he had found in the garage”…

This is what he had made

It is a ‘prototype’ of a fork handle key hook thing, and is indeed made entirely out of things he found in the garage-well done hubby!

Then we went for a wander around the car boot, and scored some bargains (simple pleasures!). Post to follow! Followed by lunch out and then back to my mother in laws for tea and Chocolate and Earl Grey birthday cake…

I am a VERY lucky lady to have such an amazing hubby and gorgeous family. Such a lot of time and effort and thought went into it all. So much nicer than an internet purchased expensive present.

Happy days.

4 thoughts on “My Make Do and Mend Birthday

  1. I had no idea the Beckhams had eaten at the farm shop….I live about 100 yards across the roundabout from there…..will have to keep my eyes open more. I agree the scallop shell is divine (although V.expensive for a family of 6!)

    • I’m sure that someone told me that the Beckham’s had been there-can’t remember who though, so it’s equally possible I just made it up!

    • I was possibly being a bit mean. He does make stuff, but if tends to be boy making, so involving wood, and hammers and screws, and sawing things! I am very proud of him, and very lucky to have him!

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