The Lovely Hubby Speaks…

The Lovely Hubby has very kindly done a little post giving us all an insight into his views on My Make Do and Mend Year (I think he wants a piece of the fame and fortune…)

All views expressed are his own, and I cannot be held responsible…

“When Gorgeous wifey and I first started to talk about the idea of a whole year not buying anything new I’ll admit I was sceptical. Scepticism turned to annoyance when it was suggested this included not buying a paper on a Saturday. But I have warmed to the idea and now, after month one, have embraced it. I have even reconciled myself to not getting a paper.

As Jen has stated elsewhere in this blog, nowadays people do just seem to have a lot of ‘stuff’ that they don’t really need or even use. Lots of perfectly serviceable or repairable items are just thrown away because replacements are so cheap – kids jeans got a hole in the knee? Off to the supermarket we go, £5 later and a pair of jeans is in the bin.

Maybe I have warmed to the idea because I have never considered us to be a wasteful or profligate family. If we buy something major it is researched and we buy something that is the best quality we can afford in the hopes that it will last. Whatever we buy we try to look after, to keep it in good condition whether it’s a car or camera – not always easy with marauding Smalls about the place. This extends to my clothes too. I am lucky that at 37 I can still get into the same size clothes as when I was 18 (honestly), consequently (and being a boy helps here), my clothes last and all still fit me. I may sales shop once or twice a year. The charity shop cool boy clothes seem to be in short supply round here…. I’m 37 not 77 after all. (I think what he’s trying to say is that he has no NEED for new clothes, but might LIKE some new ones, but that he doesn’t fancy trawling the charity shops-Jen)

A month into our quest all is going well. There may be tests along the way if the fridge breaks down or the kettle blows up, as we will not be able to instantly get one, but that is all part of the challenge.

I am enjoying the title of Daddy Fix It and we have enough glues, tapes and adhesives in our house to hold a convention. Other than that it is business as usual.

To sign off this first report I thought I’d make some predictions about what will have happened to us, and what we will have learnt by the end of the year.

  • We’ll think more about what we buy. Will it last? Do we really need it? Could we buy second hand instead of new? Can we fix the old one?
  • If we do buy something new we make sure it is used properly and looked after. This is something we wanted to teach the Smalls anyway.
  • Some things just can’t be fixed.
  • We will use internet auction sites more. Previously we have been sellers more than buyers but there are definitely some make do and second hand bargains to be had.
  • We will all know a lot more about glues.
  • There is nothing wrong with buying new if you look after an item and it sees out its useful life before it is replaced.

Basically I think we will think more. Not necessarily a bad thing.”

Thankyou Lovely Hubby! I knew you’d come round to the idea in the end. We both know I’m not often wrong… 😉

Lovely Hubby wielding some pliers, with style I think, don’t you..?

A Making related injury-all in the line of duty