The new secondhand bike-an update

This weekend, we took the Smalls to visit my parents (with the new bike hidden in the boot!) so that they could present BigSmall with his birthday present.

It was a huge hit-hurrah!

I was slightly trepidatious, and it was probably a good thing that I was at work, and not able to witness the inaugural ride, but he got the hang of it SOOOOO quickly, and was riding around, on his own, without stabilisers, within about 5minutes according to the lovely hubby!

He has had a balance bike for about a year (for those of you without Smalls of the appropriate ages, this is essentially a small bike without pedals) and has been whizzing around on this, so he well and truly had the balance thing sussed out. The ‘instructions’ that came with his new(ish) Isla bike said not to use stabilisers if they have already been on a balance bike, and to start them off on tarmac-can you see why I was nervous..?!

Anyway-he did so well, we are very proud parents (obviously the reflected glory is all ours…) and I just felt the need to share!

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