Fame and fortune…

I recently rather cheekily sent out some Tweets to various media outlets to see if they would like to feature My Make Do and Mend Year.

To my surprise and delight, some of them said Yes!

So this Friday morning saw me venturing out of my comfort zone and toddling off to Old Town in Swindon, and the home of BBC Wiltshire radio, to ‘appear’ on Mark O’Donnells 9am-12pm slot.

I was a geek and took my camera along to preserve the occasion for posterity,and to prove I’d been there!

This is the outside of the BBC building in Swindon

I was more than a little nervous, and had visions of lots of stuttering and stumbling, mumbling and long silences-never good on a radio show…

I was put at ease straight away when greeted by the lovely friendly receptionist, who chatted away to me about the joys of parenting boys!

I was soon led upstairs and asked to wait on a sofa, and this is the very exciting view of the corridor…

I was due ‘on air’ at 10.45, and was following on from a British Gas bod attempting to defend their recent price hikes. I was hoping not to get such a grilling…

This is the lovely Mark O’Donnell-star of the show!

I think it all went ok. Mark was very kind to me and we had what felt like a good old chat. I don’t think I stumbled or stuttered too much, and I tried not to talk too quickly-all good advice from the lovely @furnituree5 on twitter!

We somehow got on to the subject of darning mushrooms (!?) so I suspect I may well be learning to darn in the near future…

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and as I said, I was a little out of my comfort zone, but I would happily do it again, and hope to pop in to give the listeners updates as the year goes on.

A big thankyou to Mark O’Donnell, and the whole team involved in the show. Look forwards to doing it again soon 🙂

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