Make Do and Mend on Tour

For those of you who have been following closely, you will be aware that in the last week, we embarked upon our Epic Voyage to Bonny Scotland, to visit the in-laws. I was somewhat anxious about this on several levels, mostly logistically. The thought of a such a mammoth road trip with the Smalls was not that appealing; and I always find packing very stressful, and the added dimension of not being able to buy anything new added to this.

BUT, it was wonderful! I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the journey was a breeze, but the Smalls were brilliant and coped very well with being cooped up for the best part of two days each way. We stopped off in the Midlands for a ‘sleep-over’ on the way up and on the way back, which was a mixed blessing, as SmallSmall decided that 2am was the time to wake up, and stay awake for 2hrs+, on the way up, AND on the way back-yay!

The holiday itself was great. Not the most relaxing, but then I don’t think any holiday with Small people is really that relaxing, unless you have staff.

The weather was unseasonably fine. We visited castles,

went to the obligatory children’s farm,

and even managed a trip to the beach to fly the kite

(which coincided with a major golf tournament at St Andrews, so we snuck in and watched Monty play a hole or two-the lovely hubby insists he knew nothing about this before we headed off to St Andrews for the day..)

As far as Making Do and Mending went, there were a few little hiccups but no major mishaps. I hadn’t quite computed, that when the blurb for our accommodation said that they didn’t supply towels, that this would include tea towels and dishcloths. Luckily, the in-laws were happy to lend us some for the week, so I was saved from having to use baby wipes to do the washing up with..

The car was jam packed to the rafters, so some things had to be sacrificed, such as bath toys, but you would be amazed how much fun a colander, a bowl and a jug can be (if you are under 5..). Beach toys never even made it onto the list as we weren’t anticipating beach weather, but a couple of plastic bowls, and a large spoon stood in splendidly for the more traditional bucket and spade. And I think that’s about it. No huge disasters, and nothing major and irreplaceable was forgotten-hurrah for list making.

And I think that’s about it.

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