Mr Fix-it

The lovely hubby is getting into the swing of things, with an ingenious fix all of his very own. He even remembered to take pictures for me!

In amongst the vast box of cars that we have for the Smalls (and the lovely hubby) to play with, there is a plastic caravan that we bought ages ago from a charity shop. It was probably only about 50p and had already been well ‘loved’. SmallSmall currently has a minor obsession with hooking cars/trains etc up together and towing them along. He loves this caravan, but unfortunately the tow hitch is broken and he gets very frustrated indeed when he is unable to make it hitch up to it’s designated tow-er (a small yellow tractor).

Unbeknown to me, it must have been placed in the Fix-it box and the lovely hubby has duly fixed it, using a paper clip, some glue and a little bit of ingenuity.

This is the caravan in it’s broken state

And apparently this is what hubby did:

He unbent a paper clip to make it straight, and then heated up one end by holding it in the gas hob flame (safety 1st and all that).

Can’t see the flame, but it is there-honest…

When it was good and hot (I am reliably informed that only the heated end got hot and the rest of it was ok to hold onto) he very cleverly used this to melt holes through the broken tow hitch,

through which he could then pass the paper clip to make a new tow hitch.

He then used a glue called Q-bond-which is a powder that you add another bit to to make a glue (can you tell I’m not really that sure what he did…?).

And there you have it. One fixed caravan. And one slightly less frustrated Small person (well we can hope..!)

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