An epic voyage

We are embarking upon an epic voyage. To Scotland. In the car. With 2 Small people…

I am slightly trepidatious.

And if I’m totally honest, My Make Do and Mend Year is adding to these feelings of trepidation.

You see, maybe I am overly anal, but I find the whole going away thing quite stressful. It’s more the packing than anything else. And I don’t even really mean the physical putting it in bags or packing up the car, and will it all fit part of it, because I am very lucky and the lovely hubby is excellent at this part of it.

It’s sorting out what to take. It was bad enough when it was just me and hubby. And then it was quite a bit harder when it was us and 2 Small people and the phenomenal amount of stuff that needs to be carted around, but I always had the safety net of ‘if we’ve forgotten anything really important, we can just go and buy a new one’ (entirely profligate I know, and I think we’ve only even had to buy an emergency pair of shorts or two, not like a whole new buggy or anything).

Now I feel like we don’t really have that fallback option. Obviously we do. We can still buy stuff. But it will be much harder to find stuff secondhand, especially in an area you don’t know. I am quite taking to shopping at car boots and charity shops, on my own turf. The thought of trying to find the nearest town, park, trawl round it for charity shops in the (probably vain) hope that they happen to have whatever it is that we have forgotten is not an appealing one.

So I am making lists like a mad woman. And stressing…

And that’s all before we even contemplate 8hrs in a car with 2 Smalls…

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