My kind of mending

The lovely hubby has been asking me for ages to mend a hole in the pocket of his jeans. He has even gone so far as to leave his jeans in a heap on our bedroom floor with the offending pocket sticking up, so it is just sitting there berating me for putting it off (how can an item of clothing become menacing..?!)

I have kept putting it off, because last time I mended a hole in one of his pockets (not the same one I hasten to add) it was all a bit of a faff, and esentially, I just really couldn’t be bothered (bad wifey).

BUT, I finally made myself do it, and it was easy peasy!! If only I had bothered to look at it weeks ago, it would have been done and I wouldn’t have had that feeling of guilt/dread everytime I walked past them on the floor! I was anticipating a hole in the main body of the fabric, requiring a patch and either hand sewing (my nemesis) or much battling with the sewing machine, or much shorter pockets..! But the hole was in the fold of the pocket,

You would not believe how hard it to take a decent picture of a hole in a pocket. Or maybe you would after seeing these.

Another great picture. Does that make it any clearer..??

so I was able to just sew a line stright down the edge and boom, job done!


Obviously I have now learned my lesson and will never again procrastinate about mending the lovely hubby’s clothes….

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