4yr old birthday present #2

BigSmall had another birthday party to attend this week (it is just one big social whirl), so another present was required. Again, I cheated a little and made a girl version of the beanbags I made in August as part of the practice month-see post here. (and there’s even a tutorial on how to make them if you decide to have a go yourself here at Shouty Cat Makes) In my defence, I did think that the girl in question would like them, and I would be very chuffed if someone gave some to one of my Smalls!

Here they are.

I made a little drawstring bag for them to go in, and printed off some ideas for games to play with them, so hopefully they will be used for something other than lobbing around and breaking things..(on second thoughts, maybe I wouldn’t be so pleased if someone gave my Smalls beanbags..)

4 thoughts on “4yr old birthday present #2

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