Mutiny in the ranks…

Mutiny is possibly a little harsh. Especially when referring to a 3 year old. But BigSmall really isn’t getting the whole not buying new thing. To be fair, I haven’t really sat down and explained it to him, because, well, because he’s 3. But at the moment, his favourite phrase seems to be “we’ll have to buy a new one of those mummy”….

For example:

the plastic straw in the drinks bottle he takes to pre-school is starting split, and he has decided he NEEDS a new one.

the slippers he wears at pre-school are starting get a bit small, so he needs new ones.

he lost this awful giraffe grabber thing we got from Longleat (actually I think I may have filed it away somewhere after getting fed up with him bopping SmallSmall with it) and has now decided that we will just have to go and buy a new one.

I just kind of smile, and say that we’ll keep our eye out for something suitable. Not sure how long I will get away with this for…

As I am discovering, buying things second-hand (or pre-loved as we prefer to call it) takes time. You need to wait for the next car boot, and hope you have time to go on the day that it is on, or time to trawl round lots of charity shops in the hope that one of them will have what you need, or even just time to sit and trawl e-bay.

But in the instant world of a 3 year old, this is a very difficult concept to grasp, when previously we have just headed off to the nearest supermarket or large retailer and got whatever it was we needed without a second thought. In fact, in the instant world of this 30 something year old, it is also proving a little frustrating..!

Of no relevance to the post, but I thought a picture was needed, so here is a very sweet frog that the cat’s bought in last week!

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