The first official purchases…

The first official purchases of My Make Do and Mend Year! Not really anything we needed, but still.

I was browsing the local charity shops the other afternoon while waiting to go and pick BigSmall from pre-school…

I found this dress, and thought it was rather lovely, and so treated myself (£4.99)

and all of this fabric for £1…

I love the retro look of it. Someone obviously had a project in mind for it, as some of the bits have been sewn up here and there, but a little bit of stitch up-picking in front of the TV and a quick wash, and bob’s your uncle! At least a couple of metres of funky fabric for one solitary pound-yay! Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with it, I have no idea what yet. The lovely hubby will be despairing as my fabric stash grows ever bigger, but he just doesn’t understand…

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