The very first mend…

Let the mending begin…

But before it does, just a quick note to plead with you not to ridicule my efforts too much..! I am very much a mending novice, so will be learning as I go along. If you are a mending/stitching aficionado then I would love to hear from you with any hints and tips, and constructive criticism of what I’m sure are going to be quite unorthodox methods!

I’m sure I’m not the only one unfamiliar with mending and fixing clothing. Clothes now are so cheap that no-one really seems to bother to mend them anymore. And fashions come and go so quickly that by the time something has had enough wear to need mending, it’s probably been consigned to the charity shop/car boot anyway.

Even when I was a Small person, not so very long ago (OK, so maybe 25-30 years ago now) I remember my mum patching trousers and sewing up hems and my mum wasn’t really a sewer, so it must have been pretty commmonplace. But I will confess to never having sewed a patch on a pair of trousers, and until not so long ago I had never hemmed trousers or sewn on a button either (shocked gasps or nods of agreement..?!) It seems these skills are being lost to a whole generation, unless maybe it’s just me…

Well I am going to start a one-woman campaign to learn to look after our clothes. And it’s starting here now.And I thought that if you are like me, then you might like to join me, muddling along, mending, probably getting it wrong sometimes, but making do.

So on that note, I am going to try and do mini-tutorials along with my makes, or basically tell you how I did it and any problems I encountered. I know I’m probably not doing it right, but I’m having a go, and if someone would be kind enough to come and show me a better way, that would be lovely.

Here is my very first, very simple mend.

A while ago (before the start of my challenge) I bought some cheap t-shirts from Tesco to decorate for a birthday present for one of BigSmalls friends. There was one t-shirt left over and so I decorated it for BigSmall-here it is (it is a W with a whale picture in case you can’t tell..)

Unsurprisingly, the hem has now started to unravel from around the bottom

So I thought I should sew it up before the whole thing came undone.

I did it on the machine, and I used contrasting thread as I was being lazy and didn’t want to change the cotton on my machine as I thought it might look quite cool in a White Stuff type way. It does however show up the wonkiness of my sewing…

I did a zig zag stich over the flapping bit of hem to secure it down, but then was worried that I hadn’t managed to catch the loose threads at either end so oversewed the ends of the original threads with running stitch. Does that make sense? I hope it doesn’t look too rubbish. I probably should have gone with green thread to hide my sewing somewhat but never mind.

Let me know what you think, and if you are inspired to start mending..!

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