Just when I thought it was all under control….

I thought things were going swimmingly and my motto of  “plan ahead” seemed to be serving me well. Nothing urgent needing making and plenty of time to make the required pressie for a birthday party on the 18th September…

BUT then I picked BigSmall up from pre-school on Friday only to find an invitation for another birthday party this weekend! EEK! Don’t people realise I need to “plan ahead”..?!!!

I know I really have plenty of time, but I had got it into my head that I could have a week catching up on the bombsite that is our house, having been busy for the last couple of weeks making things for various craft fairs.

So this is what I did:

I have a cushion that I made to sell, and have been lugging around to various sale for what seems like months, and no-one has bought it (sob), and it is very pink and girly, so I thought I would just personalise for the Small person in question and voila! easy peasy handmade birthday pressie. I thought this would be a quick and easy one to do, but yet again I was proved wrong and the making Gods sent some trials to test me.

This is the cushion

My plan was to use my fancy pants Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out the name ‘Lucy’ from fabric and then blanket stitch them in place while catching up on the Great British Bake Off.

BUT to cut out fabric on the machine, the people at Silhouette tell you you need their very specific brand of interfacing (of course they do). I have used this before with great success but it is very expensive and I have run out, so I thought I would give it a go with normal bondaweb… A quick Google/Pinterest search revealed that other people had done the same and had very favourable results, so all looking good so far.

Other people in the great world wide web community had used bondaweb or similar and ironed it on to their fabric, then peeled off the paper backing before feeding it into the machine, so this is what I did.

Disaster! This didn’t work at all. I couldn’t make the fabric stick to the cutting mat and it slid around everywhere and came out looking like a crumpled old piece of fabric with a couple of random cuts in it.

Take 2: I then tried again but this time left the paper backing in place and adjusted the blade to cut deeper. This was a partial success! I had been in two minds about what font to use, but I guess this made the decision easier…

Not quite what I was hoping for…

Guess we’ll go with this one..! (i have already removed the letters, but you can see it was a nice clean cut)






So eventually, I had my letters, I removed the paper backing and ironed them on, and then did indeed sit in front of the GBBO on i-player and blanket stitch them in place!

This was my first attempt at blanket stitching, and it’s not the neastest I’m afraid, and I think it probably would have looked better if I had machined around the edge, but then I wouldn’t have been able to see the great meringue wars unfold…(I heart the Great British Bake Off, a lot)

So what do you think? Will it do..?

3 thoughts on “Just when I thought it was all under control….

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