Making Do-the #pinaddicts challenge-part 3

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats…

The verdict!!!

Following on in the style of this challenge, the verdict is in 2 parts-why make it easy..?!

Firstly,the ice lollies will be judged on lolly mould, with points awarded for ease, practicality, and ‘worthiness’-ie how Make Do and Mend they are.

Secondly, and most importantly, they will be judged on taste.

Part 1-lolly moulds

Unsurprisingly, the borrowed proper official, made for purpose ice lolly moulds won hands down on ease of use and practicality. They did however score lowest on worthiness, as although I borrowed them, they aren’t really all that Make Do and Mend.

Here is a picture of a lolly from a lolly mould, in case your imaginations are on strike…(note the bite mark from an impatient BigSmall..!)

The smarties moulds worked ok, after the initial leaking issues, once I had the packing tape at the ready to seal up the bottoms! They did the job, but were quite hard (lovely hubby says really hard!) to unwrap, especially when in the high pressure situation of Small people needing ice lollies. The sticks had slumped to one side slightly but still functioned well in their jobs as sticks.

They do however score quite high in making do/worthiness, although this is slightly marred by the fact that I had to specifically go and buy smarties to use the tubes as moulds…(Do not panic, this is allowed under the rules of My Make Do and Mend Year, I am allowed to buy new food…, and the smarties have not been wasted-we have made some pretty yummy smarties cookies-post and recipe to follow)

The cup was rubbish. Possbly being a little unfair to poor Mr Cup here, as I only did one, and didn’t fill it very full. BUT, needless to say, the spoon pulled out of the ice lolly before the ice lolly could be extricated from the cup.

Even with the assistance of warm water run over the cup, the ice lolly refused to budge, so it was eaten like a scoop of ice cream with a spoon, and was none the worse for this, but still, poor job as a lolly mould. The worthy/make do score is however quite high, as I had both plastic beakers and spoons in the house, but I guess making do is no good if it doesn’t actually work…

Part 2-taste test

I am pleased to report that the winner is…..(unfeasibly long pause…)……

Nutella+milk!!! Hurrah! The simplest recipe won. This tasted by far the best, and was a surprisingly ice cream like texture. A bit like Mini-milks, but nicer! I had added a tbsp of Horlicks powder, but this couldn’t be tasted so I think if I can ever be bothered to go through this whole debacle again  next time I do this, I will just do nutella and milk, and be happy with that.

Nutella+banana milk was ok, if you like that slightly artificial banana taste you get with banana milk, and if you don’t mind buying gloopy synthetic banana milk (I am afraid I ma not a big fan of these products, can you tell..?!) If we do this again, I will definitely try nutella+milk+(real) banana, all whizzed together-think this would be yum.

Nutella+evaporated milk was not that nice. Very very sweet and sickly. I forced one down, but all in the name of research you understand. I wouldn’t repeat this one.

Rather worryingly, the lovely hubby declared that he couldn’t taste any difference between the 3 of them…

So, in conclusion:

  • Use ice lolly moulds unless you are a sucker for punishment
  • 1/3 of a cup of Nutella (this is about 90g-I weighed it beauuse I got fed up with using a spoon to scoop the Nutella out of the jar into the cup measurer only to have to scoop it out again into the whizzer)+1 cup of full fat milk = yummy ice lollies!

Now, does anyone have any ideas for 2/3 of a can of evaporated milk and 4 tubes of smarties….


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