Making Do-the #pinaddicts challenge, part 2

This is the second part of the pinaddicts challenge debacle, where you get to see some of my attempts at homemade ice lolly moulds…

Onwards and upwards with September’s challenge…

I was tempted to throw in the towel and have a mild strop but I decided to stubbornly plodge on having now amassed all the things I needed.

Or so I thought…

On closer inspection the recipe that was referred to as needing condensed milk, which I had in the cupboard, actually needed evaporated milk, which I didn’t have in the cupboard.

Just popping down to the shops quickly for a tin of evaporated milk (or anything for that matter) really doesn’t happen with 2 Smalls on board. By the time they’ve done wees or that inevitable just heading out of the door enormous poo (in a nappy I hasten to add), and put on shoes, and got strapped in to the car, and then got unstrapped at the other end, and in to the trolley, and then repeat for on the way back, you can see why I took the coward’s way out and rang my mother in law and asked her to get me some on her way round for tea!

Here is a little spot the difference for you in my ‘this is what you need’ pics..



Could you spot the difference?! I got everything together and then thought I should just double check the recipes and then discovered the evaporated milk vs condensed thing, so needed to take another pic when the cavalry arrived with the right ingredients.

Anyway, I am a glutton for punishment and thought I really should try out all 3 variations on the recipe, as well as a variety of lolly moulds…

Recipe 1

1 cup of full fat milk+1/3 cup of Nutella+approx 1 tbsp Horlicks powder

Recipe 2

1 cup Morrisons Banana milk from the chiller cabinet+1/3 cup Nutella (in hindsight I think it would have been better to try 1 cup milk, 1 banana and 1/3 cup Nutella-will try this next time, if there is a next time…!)

Recipe 3

1 cup evaporated milk+1/3 cup Nutella

Each of these recipes was poured into 2 of the proper borrowed lolly moulds.

I then tried out the smarties tubes suggestion (having bulk bought smarties tubes especially for the purpose, I admit this is not very Make Do and Mend, but rest assured the smarties will be ‘used’…much to BigSmall’s delight, and emptied them out into a pot!) When I started to pour the mix in, it started to leak out of the bottom (obviously. I am an educated professional, why I couldn’t forsee this I’m not quite sure). So I hastily grabbed some packing tape and taped up the bottoms and tried again. This time it didn’t seem to leak, so fingers crossed. Next problem was that these improvised lolly moulds were not going to stand up unsupported inthe freezer, so I wedged them into plastic beakers to get them stood up straight. I then used tongue depressors (don’t ask)  broken in half lengthways as sticks.

I only had enough mix to try out the plastic beaker suggestion once. This also had the problem of needing a stick, and needing it to stay upright. It had been suggested that I should use teaspoons but I was a little worried that the cold metal would adhere itself to Small people’s hands and didn’t fancy trying to explain it to the emergency services, so I opted for plastic spoons instead. This is my improvised spoon standy up technique:

I then had to hastily clear out a drawer in the freezer to make room for the bloody things lollies. This is them all lined up nicely freezing away.

This is the resultant mess in my kitchen…

You may have guessed that I am no longer enamoured with ‘Homemade Nutella Fudgesicles’ and I haven’t even tried them yet..!

We await the taste test with bated breath…



6 thoughts on “Making Do-the #pinaddicts challenge, part 2

  1. This made me laugh….I can’t wait to hear what they taste like and which ones were the best so I can give my mum the task of making some!!

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