The ‘C’ word….

Not that one…

This one-Christmas…!

As I said in an earlier post, I think the key to My Make Do and Mend Year is going to be planning ahead, and this applies doubly to Christmas.

So, when I saw a jumper in a charity shop, I thought it would be just right for a lucky someone on my Christmas present list. (I would post a picture, but then the person in question’s Christmas would obviously be ruined if they got a sneak preview.)

BUT, although I love seeking out all kinds of thrifty finds in charity shops, I ‘m still not really sure how I feel about giving someone a present from a charity shop…

Does it cross the line from thrifty to tight..? Does it imply a lack of love, or is that part of the whole consumer culture-thinking you have to spend lots of money on a present in order for it be any good…?

Any thoughts on this one? How would you feel if you got a present from a charity shop this Christmas? Let me know.

7 thoughts on “The ‘C’ word….

  1. I hate expensive gifts, I’ve recently been given a brand new car from my husband. While its lovely to have I feel a bit guilty driving it. I’ve also become paranoid about dents and scratches! Not me at all… The best present he’s ever given me was a black bag of clothes he bought from a garage type sale for £20. It was most exciting opening it all out!

  2. My Aunt always make everyone, friends and family, presents using what come from the recycle bin or what you’d throw away. Bracelets, notebooks, necklaces, anything you can think of and some people would think that’s just being cheap but to me it’s all about the thought. If someone make/upcycles something for me or finds something at a thrift store,if they put thought into it then I love it and will cherish it no matter what. ♥

    • Your Aunt’s stuff at Recycled2New is awesome! I am hoping to do the same for most of the presents over the year and use stuff I already have to make lovely new things!

      • Thank you so much! It’s a lot of fun working with her! If you ever want to know how to make anything that’s on our site, like the magazine bead or anything, just let me know! I’ll send you instructions!

  3. Thrifty..? Tight? Same thing said with and then without a pr guru. As a rule i surround myself with friends that understand, and take me as i am, so the thrifty or tight debate, just becomes obsolete. And anyone that doesnt want to save money and see the true value in a gift , well they can just walk away and not darken my door 🙂

    • I think the general consensus seems to be that charity shop or second hand pressies are ok as long as some thought has gone into it. And often I think more thought has probably gone into it because it’s often harder to find what you want

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