Stitch ‘n’ Fix


Look what I got!

Stitch ‘n’ Fix by Joan Gordon-“Essential mending know-how for bachelors and babes”. (I will confess to being neither a bachelor nor a babe, but hopefully I won’t get struck down for following the mending advice)

Secondhand on Amazon as well!!

Previously my attempts at mending (clothes, everything else is the lovely hubby’s department, we are nothing if not stereotypical…) have been a little unstructured and haphazard and more ‘cobbling things back together and hoping’ rather than doing it right. But now I have no excuses.

Chapters include “Button up baby”, ‘hemmed in” and “fix-it”. I will peruse and update you with any snippets of wisdom as my year progresses!

If I have a book, it must be official. Or do I need a specially designated lever arch file before that is the case..?

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