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Good job this is a practice month…

A small fail. As I said, it’s a good job this is just the practice month..! Having been watching the awesome London 2012 Olympics and feeling so proud to be British and so aware that this is truly a once in a generation thing, I caved, and bought some 2012 merchandising for the Smalls. They … Continue reading

Charity shop haul

Charity shop haul

In need of a little retail therapy, I went for a browse around my local charity shops yesterday, and this is what I scored! I bought two dresses-unheard of for me, I never usually buy dresses, but these ones spoke to me, and they fitted, and everything! Selection of ties for £1 each! I have … Continue reading

Houston-we have problem…

The lovely hubby just went to get the tyres swapped around on the car (apparently this is good practice, as the tyres wear differently front and back, so if you swap them around then you should get more wear out of them-I just smile and nod and leave all things car related to him-he loves … Continue reading



We had a lot of fruit in the bowl, going a bit manky, and looking very sorry for itself so in true thrifty housewife mode, I thought I would whiz it all up into a smoothie! I chopped it all up, tried to hook out most of the watermelon seeds (I may be making it … Continue reading

My predictions for the year ahead..

I thought it might be quite cool to make some predictions of problems I might encounter, what I think I’ll find hardest, what I won’t miss, etc before I start, and then I can look back on it at the end of the year, and either laugh at my naivety, or marvel at my amazing … Continue reading

Before it all starts-party party party…!

With a start date in the calendar of 1st September, I have decided that August will be a practice month! This will hopefully give me some feel for problems that might be encountered and will hopefully galvanise me into sorting out anything that needs sorting before my year starts. So far this month, the biggest … Continue reading