This is going to bemore difficult than I thought…

At the weekend, I managed to make a BIG mess and break the fridge-DOH! I innocently opened the fridge door in pursuit of milk for a much needed cup of tea, and a full 2 litre bottle of lemonade fell over in the shelf inside the door, and this was enough to cause the whole shelf to fall off onto the floor discarding it’s contents, including a glass bottle of lime cordial, all over the floor. Much swearing and stropping ensued. Glass and sticky cordial were everywhere and the fridge door shelf was broken. Poo! It all got tidied up (alhtough why is it, that no matter how hard you try to get all the bits of glass, you are still finding bits days and even weeks later..?) but then we had the issue of the shelf… The lovely hubby did do a quick search on E-bay with no luck so has had to buy new from a Bosch stockist, BUT this is still the practice month!!

I’m a little disheartened that my quest may prove harder than I initially thought-I gaily thought at the start that it would be quite easy to go without new clothes and magazines for a year, but it’s all the unexpected breakages and things that you can’t prepare for that are the hardest. I think if this had happened during the year, we would have looked harder and longer for a second-hand one, or worst case scenario, we would have had to ‘make-d0’ without one for a year…

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