My Make Do and Mend Life

Hello, and welcome to what has now, I guess, become My Make Do and Mend Life! In September 2012 we embarked upon a challenge to buy NOTHING NEW for a whole year. We Made, we Made Do and we Mended our way though the whole 12 months, and proved that taking small steps towards a more … Continue reading

Waste Less Live More Week

Waste Less Live More Week

Hurray ,it’s back! It doesn’t seem like a whole year since last year’s Waste Less Live More Week, but it is! Last year was all about Better Food for All, and if you missed it, and have a burning desire to read them, you can see my posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and … Continue reading

Your Top Make Do and Mend Tips Please!

I need your help! As ever, I have left things until the last minute, but I’m hoping there might still be time…. I’ve been lucky enough to be given a ticket for the awesome Handmade Fair this Friday, (it’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday-take a peek-looks AMAZING!), and it has suddenly occurred to me that … Continue reading

The Trouble with Tea….

The Trouble with Tea….

I will start by confessing that I am a big of a tea addict. I am not quite as bad as my dear old mum was-she couldn’t even face breakfast without having had at least 2 cups, and was never more than half an hour away from her next one! But I am partial to a … Continue reading

Charity Fashion Live

Charity Fashion Live

I read about this project a couple of days ago on Vicky Myer’s fabulous blog, and LOVED it! You may or may not be aware that London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday-bringing all the latest looks from the catwalk. And I sure that you know that the fashion industry is renowned for it’s pretty poor … Continue reading

#makedoandmendhour 11th September

Hurray-I’m back! I think. I’ve still got lots to do with the book and the new website, but SmallSmall has just started pre-school (eeek!) so I now have some regular child-free time. For the first time in SIX years! There will be no stopping me…. So back on the horse, and off we go with … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week-the end..?

Apologies for the lack of a Day 6 post yesterday. I was working and got back late, and the Smalls didn’t want to go to bed, blah blah blah. Anyway, today is the 7th and final day of Zero Waste Week. So what have I learned? 1) Not to be so crazily ambitious and pledge … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week-Day 5

Day 5 of Zero Waste Week is officially looking at food waste.This is something that I’ve worked really hard on in the last 18 months or so, and I’m pleased to report that we never throw any food waste into our black bin.Our council don’t do a food waste collection (although we have a bio-digestor … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week-Day 4

Not much bin action here today. Another stock cube wrapper.AND, after flower-gate at the start of the week, I compounded matters by not making it to see the friend I had bought the flowers for, so had to unwrap them (and put all the stupid plastic in my bin!) and put them in a vase. Lovely … Continue reading

Zero Waste Week Day 3

Today’s Rubbish adventures have been thankfully very few. I am sure you are all almost as grateful as I am as it means not having to look at lots of pictures of my rubbish… We had our Riverford delivery today, which is thankfully very low on packaging. Most things are unpackaged, or in cardboard punnets. … Continue reading